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5 star I have been with DISH for 17yrs? and worked with Hans Cedardale from day 1. They always have had the answers I needed and fixed any problems that may have come up for us. I do not call into DISH directly and will wait until Hans CedarDale is open to give them a call. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in DISH in our area. The staff is the best.

Hans CedarDale Satellite is the best satellite company you will ever find. Their customer service and knowledge is exceptional. Thank you very much Hans for an awesome experience. I love my Hopper and take it from a long time customer, you won’t go wrong by upgrading to the Hopper. I love the fact that now I can watch any of my recordings from any room of the house. If you’re looking to upgrade to the Hopper, message me and I can give you a referral that will save you $5.00 a month for 10 months. Thanks again Hans CedarDale for being a great business.

5 stars This company has outstanding customer service! Would highly recommend!